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Press Release Instructions


1. Avoid putting company name in the headline and saw the headline and use those two areas for your keywords
2. Company name is going to be optimized by the schema we inject that goes into the footer of every PR with the organization information plus the Google map embed
3. Same thing with links that you insert into the body of the content. We would recommend to not send any links to the root domain or homepage in the body. That’s part of the schema mark up for the company and the homepage will already be included unless you use a specific location page for that company. Focus links in the body to inner pages of your website, google map listing link variances and any other assets that you want to rank on page 1.


Company Alias (Gravatar)

  1. Your Alias background and online presence needs to be built up. The first step is to go to which is part of and fill out and complete the profile for his Gravatar
  2. Then create a you Alias profile here:
Then build out personal profiles on the various social accounts that about me connects to
Then fill out the wordpress user profile for Harry Maguire as completely as possible and drop the links from about me into that profile and on a profile page on the website once the profiles are all filled out