Why is Page 1 of Google So Important?

The goal of SEO is to make your website found on page 1 of Google. This is why many people spend lots of time, money and effort trying to learn and devise new ways that will improve the ranking of the website. However, many have discovered that it’s not very easy to be on the first page of Google leave alone featuring as the top site. And due to this, many are losing great opportunities and this affects the growth potential for their businesses. Of all the search engines, Google remains the most popular and productive and featuring on its first page attracts the following benefits.

1. Google- The Largest Search Engine

Do you know that Google enjoys more than 12 billion searches every month? Out of these, approximately 1.17 billion are first time users. In the US alone, it accounts for close to 66% of all the market searches, and approximately 87% of the people using the search engine do it via their mobile devices which include mobile phones, tablets, ipad and other devices. Now imagine what would happen to your website if it was number one, two, or three? Simply put, you will get so much attention that you would experience your business becoming quite popular within a short time.This is what effective SEO seeks to accomplish.

2. Majority of Searches Done via Google

Gone are the days when people used to visit “brick and mortar” outlets or go through a physical catalog to buy goods. Nowadays, the world has become internet-friendly and the best approach is to search for information over the internet. In fact, ecommerce is fast becoming the preferred mode of shopping. Studies show that nearly 93% of decisions to buy are made over the internet. Furthermore, it shows that being on the first page of Google comes with a 91.5% chance of being found. Not only do you have a high ranking website but also attract huge traffic.

3. People Never Go Beyond Page One

Are you aware that many people rarely go beyond the first page of Google? According to statistics, 93% of the website visitors will hang around page one and normally make a decision based on what has been portrayed. If your website is found on page 1 of Google you will have the most exposure. If your site lands on page two then you only enjoy 4.8% of all web traffic. Page 3 enjoys slightly over 1%. Now imagine page 4, 5 and the rest? Chances are you will never be found. With the right SEO strategy it’s quite possible to see your website gradually improve in rank and you may sooner-rather-than later be among the top high ranking websites in your market.

Being page 1 of Google exposes your website to 93% of all the web traffic. Nonetheless, it’s vital to aim for the top slot. Research indicates that the first slot gets you about 32.5% of the fist page traffic, position two gets 17.6% while the third placed site gets 11.4%. The numbers decrease as you get towards the bottom with the 10th site on page one receiving slightly more than 2%. With the right SEO, getting to the top of page one is achievable.

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